Konark College Of Hotel Management Jaipur

Address : D-27, Tara Nagar-D, Near Railway Over Bridge, Khirni Phatak, Jhotwara, Jaipur-302012
Location : Jaipur, Rajasthan
Contact Number : 0141-2341832

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It has been over two years that I have been in the Jaipur City and the city still does not cease to amaze me.

Pink City- Jaipur is a city with encompasses history, heritage and cultural significance deeply associated with the Rajputana empire. The makeover of Jaipur into an important city in the political and economic fabric of the State and the country has been quite rapid, but recent. A city which was known for its Hospitality and forging industries for many years has changed its profile with the advent of IT, Education, BPO and Hotel businesses. Today, the city’s industrial landscape is quite diverse and dispersed in pockets like Sitpura, Kukas, VKI, Harmada, Jagatpura, Jhotwara, Banipark and Mansarovar.

Its people, weather, culture, nightlife, weekend getaways at close proximity and wide choice of food joints make Jaipur an unbeatable destination for the “Hospitality” generation. If one makes a keen observation, Pink city Jaipur has witnessed a metamorphosis from a town of the retired, it is today a true Hospitality city of Rajasthan. This new age transformation has received considerable impetus from the hospitality sector. The city today boasts of a large figure of youth population, one of the highest in India.

Is that not what today’s college going youth looks for?


Pink City beckons!

KCHM is today Rajsthan's Premier Hotel School. It has evolved and our presence is now global. You may wonder why you should join KCHM. Well, the answer lies in its teaching methodology which is crisper, student centered, contemporary and more visually exciting and that is not all, you will find elsewhere on this website why Join KCHM. You will also be able to find us on Social Network and follow us.

KCHM recently organized Food-Fest 2017 which was held in the major cities of Rajasthan. KCHM has always been a leader in organizing such events and offering an opportunity for many talents to emerge. KCHM has an ongoing interest in the topic of innovation. This is not surprising, of course; in the world of hospitality, innovation is the name of the game. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Surendra Singh Rathore, today KCHM is poised to be the Premier hotel school in Rajasthan.
The Indian hotel industry, which is a significant stakeholder in the tourism sector, witnessed the effect of global slowdown, though for Jaipur, thanks to its IT & Education, hotel industry remained in good health.

A recent survey by a leading hotel booking website gave Jaipur the top spot as the city offering most affordable accommodation in the country. Jaipur offered the best value accommodation to travelers in 2016 with an average room rate of Rs. 3562. According to recent research, the Jaipur hospitality market is set to witness demand growth in the range of 9%-10% over the next three years (2016-17 to 2018-19), whereas supply growth is expected to be slower (growing at 5%; but with bulk of the growth coming up in 2017-18 and 2018-19). This is expected to result in better absorption of existing supply, thereby resulting in improved occupancy in the market.

It is, therefore, with high expectations that I continue in the position at Jaipur.


We welcome you to Pink City Jaipur and be a part of the KCHM family.