Food Production

Basic Training Kitchen (BTK)

This kitchen is used primarily to introduce the art of cooking to the students. It deals with basic preparation of ingredients, commodities and handling of equipments. It also helps them in preparation of the other kitchen and is a liaison between them.It acts as a base for students leading towards advanced training.


QuantityTraining Kitchen (QTK)

It provides in depth knowledge about the commercial food setup of banquets and catering, used for bulk cooking and is a launching pad for new courses generating familiarity with the art and science of cooking as an essential part of good hospitality operations.


Advance Training Kitchen (ATK)

After having mastered the basics, the students are then provided with the advanced knowledge of particular cuisines and their respective presentation in this area. The cuisines which are considered for training are Indian, Oriental, Continental, Chinese, Mexican, Arabic, Italian and Spanish


Bakery and Confectionery

This area deals with highly sophisticated equipments installed to provide training of basic Bakery and confectionery products such as sponge, pies, cookies, biscuits, pudding, soufflé, mousse, ice cream, cake and chocolate works.The training is conducted by specialized Bakery chef.